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AI help you create a job

Let AI write your job description and responsibilities as per your Job Title

Suggested interview Questions

AI will suggest you the best question you should be asking as per your job title and description

Interview Assessments 

Your candidate interviews will be assessed by hiDimple. Get to know strength and weakness on every question of your candidate answers.

Auto CV processing

hiDimple will process your candidate CV and provide you all the details.

All CVs in an excel sheet

Get an excel sheet view of all the candidates.  

AI Assessment Score

Scores your candidate's answers for you, gives strengths and weakness per question.

Set Custom Stages 

Set custom stages for your interview to filter candidates. 


Custom Career Page

Get your custom career page with your subdomain.

AI Assistance on every step

Save time with AI Assistance in your Branding, creating a job description and interview questions.

Custom Job Page

Add an intro video, set custom emails for notifications on the job.

Quick signup for candidate

Your candidate applies for the job with a simple 4 digit email OTP.  

Interview status

Analytics of candidates who started the interview but did not finish and interview completed. 

Easy interface

Find it super easy to use. You can create your first job in 7 mins. 

Goodbye to wasted hours on CV checks
and pre-qualifying interviews

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Create custom career page

Advanced hiring approach
1. Recruiters create a job with interview questions.
2. Candidates give a video interview.
3. Recruiters gets AI assessment of every candidate.

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Initial Screening Efficiency

AI Video interviews streamline the pre-screening process, enabling quick and precise selection of top candidates. 

Enhancing Diversity and Fairness

Recorded interviews minimize live interview biases, promoting a fairer evaluation process. By presenting the same set of questions to all candidates.

Comprehensive Skill Assessment

This method facilitates easy sharing of candidate videos within the team for collective feedback.

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Goodbye to time-consuming CV screenings and initial interviews.Review responses at your convenience.
Gain deeper insights quickly.

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